Staff Leave

For any institute it is necessary to manage and maintain school employee’s leave records properly. Leaves taken by any employee should be managed on such a way that it gets reflected into the salary of the employee. Misconduct or illtreated staff leave reports may lead to unsatisfied staff and that gets reflected in their work. Campus On Click has made this entire process very easy with our staff leave module. Now management need not to worry about who is on leave, which kind of leave is granted and how it is reported. Everything is done automatically by our excellent staff leave module.


  • Easy applying for leave

    Our staff leave module makes it easy for employees to apply for leave from their web or mobile app. The leave request is instantly sent to their immediate supervisor for approval.

  • Follows Proper Hierarchy

    Campus On Click ensures that proper hierarchy is followed when it comes to staff leave management. Whenever a staff is applying for leave, the granting access is there with their immediate superior authority. Authority can approve and deny the leave and then it will reflect to the employee as well as the top management too. So everyone is kept in loop so the campus management can plan for proxy of the employee who applied for the leave, if required.

  • Mobile app notification

    Principal as well as everyone who is in loop gets notified on their mobile app, so that they can plan the proxy for the employee who is on leave accordingly.

  • Integrated With Payroll

    The staff leave module is also linked with the payroll management system, which automatically calculates the salary of the staff based on the rules set by the school administration.

staff leave application

Key Features of Staff Leave

Key Features Image
  • Apply from anywhere
  • Everyone keeps in loop
  • Easy decision making for management
  • Get notified Instantly