Parent Card

One of the major concerns for educational institutes is the recognition of parents in various situations, such as early departure of students or during meetings with teachers or principals. It can be quite challenging for staff members to identify parents, especially in large schools where numerous faces are unfamiliar. However, with the introduction of parent i-cards, this issue can be eliminated forever. Campus On Click has developed a parent i-card generation module that simplifies the process. This module allows schools to generate unique identification cards for parents using the existing data they have, thereby minimizing any errors. The parent i-card is a short-length identification card that carries official information, including the parent's name, photograph, and any other necessary details. By providing parents with their own i-cards, educational institutions can ensure a more secure and efficient system for recognizing parents on campus.


  • Allow school staff to identify parents

    Parent’s i-card allows school staff to easily identify parents, reducing confusion and ensuring a smooth flow of activities. Whether it's a parent picking up their child early or attending a meeting with a teacher or principal, the i-card provides a quick and reliable means of identification.

  • Enhances security

    The parent i-card also enhances the overall security of the campus. By having a unique identification card, it becomes easier to identify any unauthorized individuals on the premises. This adds an extra layer of protection for students and staff members alike, preventing any potential security breaches.

  • User-friendly and accurate

    The parent i-card generation module offered by Campus On Click is designed to be user-friendly and efficient. Schools can easily integrate this module into their existing systems, allowing for seamless generation and distribution of parent i-cards.

  • Minimize Human Error

    The module utilizes the data already present in the school's database, eliminating the need for additional information collection or any human error.

online erp system

Key Features of Parent Card

online erp System
  • Efficiency and Time-Saving
  • Easy user interface
  • 100% customizable
  • Automated and accurate
  • Bulk certificate generation
  • Easy data fetching form school’s database
  • Eliminates human error