Campus On Click offers a unique feature called wallet. We all know that during the academic year, students and parents as well as school management need to make many various kind of expanses. For each expanses, they need to carry money with them and sometimes it is not possible to carry hard cash, even sometimes the cash is not enough. Keeping this things in mind we have come up with wallet module which enables user to add digital money to their own wallet which is secured by userid and password, and use the money whenever required.


  • No need for Real money

    This module enables user to deposit any amount from their bank accounts or UPI accounts to their digital school wallet directly. So that they can use it at any point of time inside the school for any school related requirement.

  • Carry Forward

    Once the money is deposited into user’s digital wallet, if they did not use or need the money during the current academic year, the money then can carry forward for the next year.

  • Pay for Fees, food, books from Wallet

    The student can pay for their academic or transportation fees, their food bills from the canteen, their hostel fees or buy books from the institute from this wallet so they never have to worry about real money anytime anymore.

e wallet software

Key Features of Wallet

Key Features Image
  • Safe and secure payment
  • Deposit from bank or upi account
  • Use inside the campus for the campus
  • Bye-bye to cash