WhatsApp integration for school management software is a feature offered by Campus On Click which allows schools to communicate with parents, students and staff through the most popular messaging app. WhatsApp integration can offer wide reach among parents, student and staff members for day-to-day activities performed by school and enables school management to monitor the communication accurately.


  • Faster and easier way of communication

    WhatsApp messages can be sent and received instantly and accurately. School can ensure the timely delivery of any message, notice and news to other staff members, students or parents effortlessly.

  • Increased engagement and satisfaction

    WhatsApp integration offered by Campus On Click can help schools to build a stronger relationship with their staff members, students and parents by providing timely updates, reminders, announcements, newsletters, surveys and more hence assuring satisfaction.

  • Improved efficiency and productivity

    WhatsApp can automate some tasks, such as sending attendance reports, fee reminders, exam schedules and results.

  • Worry free administration

    The school management whether the WhatsApp integration should be implemented by some features or all the communicative features. By this way school management will be in total control of the automated communication.

  • Accurate Reporting

    Campus On Click reporting system can generate accurate reports on each and every communication managed by whatsapp. School management can get reports about which communication is been initiated and how many audiences’ engagement was there with just a few clicks.

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Key Features of Whatsapp

school management software erp
  • Communication
  • Parent-School Interaction
  • Emergency Alerts
  • Personalized Communication
  • Cost-effective Communication
  • Enhanced Parent Engagement
  • Total control over communication