Syllabus management is a crucial task for any school that wants to ensure quality education and compliance with the standards of different boards. However, for large institutions, it can be challenging to monitor and update the syllabus for each class and subject. That's why Campus On Click offers a convenient and effective solution for syllabus management through its ERP system. Campus On Click allows school administrators and teachers to upload the syllabus for the whole year or term, according to the guidelines of their respective education boards. The syllabus can include the chapter number, name and topics for each subject, as well as the expected learning outcomes and assessment criteria. Once the syllabus is uploaded, it can be published and made accessible to all the students of the relevant class through the ERP portal or the mobile app. Students can view and download the syllabus anytime they need, and also get notified about the upcoming tests or exams based on the syllabus. This way, Campus on Click helps teachers plan their teaching and evaluation strategies, and students prepare well in advance for their academic goals.


  • Upload and share Easily

    Campus On Click’s syllabus module allows teachers to create and share their syllabus with students and parents online

  • Saves time and paper

    Teachers can design their syllabus using templates and tools provided by the School ERP software, without having to print or photocopy them. This reduces the cost and environmental impact of paper usage, as well as the hassle of distributing and collecting physical copies of the syllabus.

  • Enhances communication and transparency

    Teachers can communicate their learning objectives, expectations, assessment criteria, and resources to students and parents through the syllabus. They can also update their syllabus throughout the year, to reflect any changes or modifications in the curriculum or the teaching methods.

  • Gets Updated

    Students and parents can view the syllabus online, and get notified of any updates or announcements from the teacher.

  • Facilitates planning and tracking

    Teachers can plan their lessons and assignments based on the syllabus, and align them with the learning outcomes and standards of the school. Students and parents can plan their study schedule accordingly.

  • Minimize Human Error

    The ERP system will not allow teacher to take any test or exam for any chapter/topic they have not taught yet. Sometimes teacher forgets the topic covered due to their hectic schedule but our system make sure that no mistakes can be made in assigning paper without completing the topic.

syllabus management software

Key Features of Syllabus

Key Features Image
  • Easy and accurate tracking by school management
  • Excellent reporting on completion of chapter/topic
  • Regardless of person, system follows pre-defined syllabus
  • Removes any human error chances
  • Parents and students are always keep informed and updated