For any institute, to set the timetable accurately is one of the most difficult task as it requires a lot of planning and accuracy and strategy. It also require many people’s involvement to create an accurate timetable which then going to be given to students and parents. Campus On Click provides a timetable module in which class teachers, principal or admin can upload timetable for different classrooms regarding their lecture timings, breaks, arriving and leaving time.


  • Easy to Upload

    This module offered by Campus On Click is very easy to use and responsible person can upload the timetable from their mobile/web app easily.

  • Multiple file type supported

    The timetable can be uploaded using various file types such as document file, worksheets, pdf files or image file.

  • Mobile App Notification

    Whenever the timetable is uploaded or updated, all the concerned personals are notified through their mobile application immediately.

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Key Features of Timetable

Key Features Image
  • Easy to use and access
  • Supports multiple file types
  • Notified immediately
  • Always in loop