Campus On Click Hostel Management module is a competent, intuitive, and cloud-based system that aims to revolutionize the way residential students' affairs are managed. With its user-friendly interface and real-time accessibility, this module offers a seamless experience for school management, principals, and wardens, enabling them to efficiently handle hostel operations.


  • Efficient Information Management

    With Campus On Click Hostel Management module, school management, principals, and wardens can effortlessly access any and every hostel-related information at their fingertips, in real-time.

  • Real-time Alerts

    One of the standout features of Campus On Click Hostel Management module is its ability to generate automatic e-alerts to parents or guardians regarding their wards' attendance and outstanding dues. This proactive communication ensures that parents stay informed about their child's academic progress and financial obligations.

  • Accurate Reporting

    Whenever school management requires any report regarding hostel residents, they can get those with just few clicks accurately and effortlessly.

hostel management system

Key Features of Hostel

  • Hostel information
  • Assigning of hostel, room, bed to students
  • Enhanced security through RFID/Biometric/Smart card
  • Room transfer within hostel
  • Monitor visitors’ entry
  • Monitor entry/exits
  • Tracking of student movement and attendance details
  • Mess attendance for students and employees
  • Pay hostel fee-student wise, staff wise
  • Manage hostel fee collection
  • Paid and due fee reports
  • E-alerts to parents/guardians regarding attendance, fees due etc