Student Bulk Import

In the initial stage of any institute getting digitalized, they need a lot of data to be migrated from one system to another and that takes long human hours to get things done. Still after all efforts there are huge chances to make mistakes in migration. Campus on click gives bulk import feature for almost every module to make this process easy and accurate saving a lot of time of employees and management and provide accurate data migration. Campus On Click provide such bulk uploading for Student data, Employee Data, fees data, subject data, examination and result data and so on to make things a lot more easier for the school management as well as staff members.


  • Time-saving

    Bulk uploading allows schools to quickly and efficiently transfer large amounts of data to the ERP system. It eliminates the need to manually input data one by one, saving significant time and effort.

  • Accuracy

    Manual data entry is prone to errors, such as typos or missing information. Bulk uploading reduces the chances of mistakes as the data is imported directly from a prepared file, ensuring accuracy and consistency.

  • Scalability

    Schools with multiple campuses can easily manage data for each location by using the bulk uploading feature. It allows for the simultaneous transfer of data for different campuses, making it a scalable solution for institutions with expanding operations.

  • Streamlined processes

    Instead of entering data separately for each campus, bulk uploading enables schools to streamline their processes. Administrators can upload student information, class schedules, attendance records, and other data in one go, ensuring efficient management of information across campuses.

  • Data integration

    Bulk uploading data facilitates the integration of various modules within the ERP system. For example, student enrollment data can be seamlessly integrated with the fee management module, saving time and reducing the chances of data inconsistencies.

  • Data backup and recovery

    By regularly bulk uploading data, schools can ensure regular backups of critical information. In case of system failures or data loss, schools can quickly restore the data using the uploaded files, minimizing disruptions and avoiding the loss of valuable information.

  • Data analysis and reporting

    Click School ERP systems often provide robust reporting and analytics features. Bulk uploading data ensures a comprehensive dataset, allowing schools to generate in-depth reports and gain insights into various aspects of their operations, including campus-specific data.

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Key Features of Student Bulk Import

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