Event Calendar

The Event calendar is digital calendar which enables students, teachers and administrators to see their entire year’s various events and activities to be held with their date and time from a single place. It helps to plan out their duties and responsibilities during those events accordingly. The event calendar also provides information about important guests, visitors and participates separately for staff, students, parents and administrators as every person, group might have different responsibilities. A well-designed Event calendar can enhance the transparency and enhances future planning. Campus On Click provides facility to plan the event calendar in advance by the school management, admin and teacher and once the data is entered, everyone associated with the school is notified with the mobile application or web portal.


  • Advance Planning

    School management can plan entire year’s event and various activities strategy in advanced using this event calendar module provided by campus on click.

  • Unlimited updates

    School management can change / update the date for any events or activities using this module as per institute’s need easily. They can even assign different duties and responsibilities to various staff members, students and sometime to parents too.

  • Everyone is updated

    Everyone associated with the institute / standard / medium is updated regarding Events and activities which they are going to witness or participate during the year.

event calendar management

Key Features of Event Calendar

Key Features Image
  • Integrated with mobile app
  • Easily accessible
  • Get notified for every change
  • Be prepared in advance