Student Attendance

For any institute, it is the foremost important thing to do is to keep track of their students’ daily attendance. Taking attendance only is not enough, institute need to keep updates to parents for the same on regular basis. With our attendance module for the student, class teacher/subject teacher can take student’s attendance easily and as they submit, the notification is sent to the parents so they be aware that their child is present or not. With the help of our attendance module, institute can also use Biometric attendance machines to take attendance which can be integrated with our attendance module and capture every attendance taken in real time and also notify parents for the same.


  • Easy Attendance Taking

    Taking attendance is just few second’s task with our attendance module. Just select the absent student and save it. Attendance is taken and has pushed notification to parents.

  • Easy Apply for Leave

    With our mobile application, parents can apply for their ward’s leave with the appropriate reason and can upload supported document if required. Once leave is approved, it will be reflected directly to the attendance calendar of student.

  • Biometric Integration

    If school management wishes, the Biometric attendance module can be integrated with student attendance and it is super easy to monitor attendance without actually doing anything.

  • Mobile App Notification

    Once teacher submits the attendance, the notification is sent to all the student of the particular classroom. By this way they are always informed about their child’s presence or absence in school campus.

student attendance software

Key Features of Student Attendance

Key Features Image
  • Interface
  • User Friendly
  • Automatic attendance with Biometric integration
  • Keep informed always
  • reporting
  • Reflects in result module