Student Remarks

Campus On Click is an innovative and efficient ERP that revolutionizes the way teachers provide feedback and remarks to students on their academic performance. Gone are the days of waiting anxiously for report cards to be handed out or relying solely on parent-teacher conferences to understand a student’s progress. With Campus On Click, teachers can now provide timely and personalized remarks to students after each test or exam. This platform enables teachers to provide detailed remarks and constructive feedback to students, subject by subject. Whether it’s praising a student’s exceptional effort or offering guidance for improvement, the remarks are displayed prominently on the student’s result card. This ensures that students are aware of their strengths and areas for growth, fostering a culture of continuous learning and self-improvement. Not only do students benefit from this instant feedback, but parents are also kept in the loop through the parent’s mobile app. They can easily access their child’s result card, complete with the teacher’s remarks and feedback. This facilitates effective communication between teachers and parents, allowing them to work together to support the student’s academic journey.


  • Easy Method

    Entering student remarks are very easy with the help of Campus On Click ERP.

  • One Exam-One Remark

    After every examination or class test, it is compulsory for each subject teacher to put remarks on student’s performance so the performance can be evaluated timely and accurately.

  • Result Card Integration

    If teacher / school management wishes, they can integrate remarks in student’s result card so that the parent come to know about any suggestion teacher might need to make.

  • Accurate Reporting

    All the remarks are stored in secured database of student and can be fetched for reporting purpose in form of various reports as per teacher’s or school management’s requirement.

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Key Features of Student Remarks

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  • User-friendly Interface
  • Keep students and parents updated
  • Keeps subject teacher in check
  • Ensures proper evaluation through the year
  • Enhances Efficiency