Document Management

Document management is the process of creating, storing, organizing, and retrieving digital documents. It is essential for any educational institute, as it can improve efficiency, security, and collaboration. Campus On Click provides a dedicated module for any and all document management. Our module makes the institute management to handle all the document accurately, effortlessly and digitally.


  • Reduces Paper Waste

    Campus On Click’s document management module helps institute to reduce paper waste and storage costs, as well as the environmental impact of printing and copying because our module enables the management to store all the document in digital format in our centralized database.

  • Excellent Security

    Campus On Click’s document management module is 100% secure. Only the person with appropriate rights can access the document so It can enhance the security and privacy of sensitive information, such as student records, grades, and research data, by using encryption, access control, and backup systems.

  • Facilitate the collaboration

    It can facilitate collaboration and communication among teachers, students, and administrators, by enabling easy sharing, editing, and commenting on documents.

  • Always Available

    Once documents are stored digitally using Campus On Click ERP, it can be available anytime, anywhere in just a second.

  • Supports Multiple File Formats

    The document management module can handle documents in various formats such as document files, workbooks, web pages, slides, audio or video files or so on. The management need not to worry about any document anymore. Just upload document on our server and there you go. Its always available in whatever format you need.

erp document management system

Key Features of Document Management

Key Features Image
  • Safe and Secure
  • Role based assess management
  • Always available
  • Multiple file type handling
  • Promotes the management go paperless
  • Saves time and cost