Certificate Generation

Every educational institutes needs a lot of various certificates to be produced through the year. Be it a migration certificate, achievement certificate, promotional certificates, Bonafide certificates and so on. Campus On Click provides customizable certification generation module to overcome the need of any kind of certificate an institute might need.


  • Streamlining Certification Generation

    Campus On Click certification generation module is designed to simplify and automate the production of certificates for educational institutes.

  • User friendly platform

    With Campus On Click user-friendly platform, institutes can eliminate the need for manual paperwork, reduce administrative burden, and enhance efficiency.

  • Customizable Templates

    The certification generation module allows institutes to create and customize templates for different types of certificates. Whether it's a migration certificate, achievement certificate, promotional certificate, or any other form of official documentation. It’s consistent and professional appearance, reflecting the institute's branding and values.

  • Effortless Data Integration

    One of the key advantages of Campus On Click certification generation module is its ability to integrate with existing databases and systems. Institutes can easily import student information, academic records, and other relevant data into the module.

  • Automation and Bulk Generation

    Campus On Click module streamlines the certificate generation process by automating repetitive tasks. Institutes can generate certificates in bulk, saving hours of manual effort.

  • Secure and Official Documentation

    The certification generation module ensures that all certificates produced are secure and official. The platform incorporates advanced security measures to protect sensitive student data and prevent unauthorized access.

certificate generation

Key Features of Certificate Generation

coc-certificate generation
  • User interface
  • 100% customizable
  • Automated and accurate
  • Bulk certificate generation
  • Secure and robust