Birthday Wishes

Birthday wishes are a way of expressing appreciation and recognition for the students and staff members of an educational institute. They can boost morale, foster a sense of belonging and create a positive atmosphere. By sending birthday wishes to the students and staff members, the educational institute management shows that they care about them as individuals and value their contributions. Birthday wishes can also strengthen the relationship between the management and the students and staff members, and promote a culture of respect and gratitude. By keeping this thing in mind Campus On Click has developed a dedicated birthday wish module which sends birthday wishes to students as well as staff members automatically on their birthday from the side of School Management.


  • Customized Birthday Wish

    Campus On Click empowers school management to create customized birthday wishes for various group of students as well as staff members. The templates can be designed in the way institute management feels most suitable and appropriate.

  • Completely Automated

    The sending wishes to the birthday personals is completely automated so that institute management need not to worry about forgetting the birthdays.

  • Everyone is Accounted

    Every staff members and Students of the institute do have their birthday entered into the centralized database, so our automated system sends birthday cards directly to their web/mobile app that enhances gratitude and satisfaction among the stakeholders.

birthday wishes

Key Features of Birthday Wishes

Key Features Image
  • Automated process
  • 100% customizable templates
  • Never miss to wish anyone
  • Every concerned personal is informed