Fees Due and Reminder

Educational institutes heavily rely on the timely payment of fees to sustain their operations and provide quality education to students. Fees collected from students are utilized for various purposes, including paying salaries to teachers and staff, maintaining infrastructure, purchasing educational resources, and organizing extracurricular activities. Without a consistent flow of fees, these institutes may struggle to meet their financial obligations, resulting in compromised services and a decline in the overall educational experience. The fees reminder facility offered by Campus On Click is an automated system that plays a crucial role in ensuring timely fee submission. In today’s busy world, parents often find themselves overwhelmed with daily tasks and work responsibilities, which can lead to forgetfulness regarding their child’s fees. Recognizing this common issue, Campus On Click provides a solution that eliminates the possibility of overlooking fee payments.


  • Automated Reminder

    An automated fees reminder is a unique module by Campus On Click that sends reminders to parents regarding outstanding fees for their wards on due dates set by the school management. This system saves time and effort by eliminating the need for manual reminders and allows for more efficient and accurate fee management.

  • Automated Freezing of Student

    Our automated fees reminder module freezes any student/parent’s mobile application usage after the last date set by the school administrator. This feature ensures that parents do pay fees to access school’s mobile application to get informed and updated about their ward’s academic and non-academic activities.

  • Ensures timely Fees Payment

    Our fees reminder system serves as a proactive measure to ensure that both the institute and the students’ guardians are aware of the payment deadlines. By sending timely reminders, educational institutes can nudge parents and guardians to prioritize fee payments, thus avoiding delays.

  • Accurate Reporting

    School management can generate reports for all remaining and paid fees accurately and filter the reports standard, class, medium, student or date wise for better analysis.

Key Features of Fees Due and Reminder

Key Features Image
  • Reduces human efforts
  • Ensures timely fees collection
  • Centralized management
  • Enforces parents awareness
  • Provides rich set of reports
  • Completely automated system