Live Streaming

Live streaming is a technology that allows people to watch and interact with live video content over the internet. It can be used for various purposes, such as entertainment, communication, and education. For educational institutes, live streaming can be an important tool to enhance the learning experience and reach a wider audience. Campus On Click provides live streaming module with multi-platform integration so that institute can stream their live events, classrooms or functions seamlessly on multiple platforms altogether.


  • Enhances student engagement

    The live streaming module can increase student engagement and participation, as they can ask questions, share feedback, and collaborate with their peers and instructors in real time.

  • High Quality Streaming

    The live streaming module provides high quality of live video and audio feeds without the limitations of time and space.

  • Flexible

    It can offer flexibility and convenience for both students and teachers, as they can choose when and where to watch or deliver the live stream, according to their preferences and schedules.

  • Reduces The Cost

    It can reduce costs and environmental impact, as it eliminates the need for travel, accommodation, and physical infrastructure.

Event live streaming

Key Features of Live Streaming

Key Features Image
  • Reaches to wider audience base
  • Multiple platform integration
  • Stream anytime from anywhere
  • Enhances branding of institute
  • Encourages participations