Live Class

Online class is a form of education that takes place over the internet, using various platforms and tools to facilitate learning. Online class can be synchronous, meaning that students and teachers interact in real-time, or asynchronous, meaning that students can access the materials and complete the assignments at their own pace. Campus On Click’s live class can offer many benefits such as convenience, flexibility, accessibility and interaction. However, live online classes also pose some challenges that need to be addressed to ensure a smooth and effective learning experience. One of the solutions that can help overcome these challenges and enhance the quality of online education is the Live Class Recording feature. Campus On Click’s live class recording feature allows students and teachers to record, review and replay their live sessions anytime and anywhere.


  • Easy Interaction

    Student can interact with their subject teacher and classmates in real time, which enhances student’s learning experience and builds a sense of community.

  • Instant Query Solving

    Student can ask questions, clarify doubts, and get feedback on any topic during their live class which helps them improve your skills and understanding of the course material.

  • Access Recording Anytime

    Student can access the recorded sessions anytime, anywhere, and review the content at their own pace and time.

  • Multi-platform Integration

    Various platform integration with Campus On Click’s mobile application so student or teacher need not to worry about installing various application on their mobile which can make their personal information vulnerable.

Software in live class include

Key Features of Live class

Key Features Image
  • Independent
  • Live class recording makes it available for students anywhere and anytime.
  • Online attendance tracking
  • Doubt solutions during online classes.
  • Various online quiz during online class
  • Quick evaluation after the quiz.