For any student, the most important and happiest moments are those when their work, efforts or achievements are recognized and appreciated. School teacher sometimes appreciate students but just personally. Students feel very excited if they are publicly appreciated and recognized. To come over this thing, Campus On Click has designed a unique appreciation module using which school management and/or teacher can appreciate any student’s academic, non-academic, personal or social achievement effectively.


  • Recognition of student’s work

    With the help of this module when one student is appreciated, the entire class will come to know about student’s achievement. By doing so, the student may get recognition among all other students.

  • Inspire student to work hard

    The student who is appreciated will work hard to get appreciated again and again, at the same time other students will also work hard to get appreciated by school management and / or teachers. Thus every student gets inspired to work hard.

  • Ensure student’s satisfaction

    Appreciation leads to satisfaction. Student is getting appreciated and recognized by the school management and/or teacher, will lead to parent as well as student’s satisfaction.

Key Features of Appreciation

erp software for education
  • Easy interface
  • Quick publishing
  • Get notified over mobile app
  • Supports multimedia files
  • Enhances student involvement
  • Encourages students to do better