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Student Promotion

For any school or institute, it is very long and tiredly process to promote students for next year. To allot the new standard to student, allotment of new classroom, new roll number and possibly new GR number. All these things needs a lot of attention, focus and large number of work hours for any institute. Campus On Click made this procedure very very simple for the institute. Just few clicks and there you go. Work done effortlessly. It is also very necessary to keep the student profile intact while promoting them to higher grades. Campus On Click student promotion module has made this thing very easy. With our student promotion module, only student grade, classroom, roll number and if required GR numbers are promoted but not their profile.


  • Simple interface

    At Campus On Click we know one thing that not every employee is technically good enough to get things done easily. To overcome we have created such a module that even a non-technical person with almost no experience can also get the promotion of student done easily.

  • Easy classroom selection

    With the help of student promotion module, the admin / academic clerk can select student of which standard/class will be promoted to which standard/class with just a few clicks.

  • Automated roll number generation

    To give roll number to students every year is a boring task for class teachers but Campus On Click has made this thing automated. Teacher can generate roll numbers automatically on basis of various aspects like name wise, surname wise, admission date wise, gender wise and Gr number wise.

student promotion

Key Features of Student Promotion

Key Features Image
  • Assign Classrooms / Roll Numbers Easily
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Automated Process
  • Time saving system
  • Ensures accurate data generation