500+ Fees Reports

When it comes to reporting, Campus On Click is on the top of chart. Campus on click provides more than 500 different reports for various needs of the school management. School management will get absolute everything they require from our reports. The reports are categorized in various groups. Some of the major reports are as following

erp reports for finance

Key Features of Fees Reports

Key Features Image
  • Daily fees collection report
  • Date wise fees paid report
  • Date wise fees pending report
  • Student wise fees collection report
  • Standard wise fees collection report
  • Multiple institute‚Äôs fees collection report
  • Student unpaid fees report
  • Cancel fees reports
  • Total collection
  • Total paid fees report
  • Total unpaid fees reports
  • Total concession report
  • Individual concession report
  • Total advanced cheque report
  • Deposited cheque report
  • Undeposited cheque report
  • Payment mode report
  • Fees receipt generation report
  • Fees adjustment report