Admission Inquiry

Inquiry and admission management are crucial processes for any educational institution. They help to attract, select and enroll prospective students who meet the academic standards and fit the institutional culture. Inquiry and admission management also involve providing accurate and timely information to applicants, maintaining records and data, and ensuring compliance with policies and regulations. A well-designed and efficient inquiry and admission management system can enhance the reputation, quality and diversity of an institution, as well as increase student satisfaction and retention. Campus On Click offers a very accurate, efficient and detailed inquiry and admission module which helps the school management to handle every inquiry and admission perfectly.


  • Add Inquiry Efficiently

    Our Inquiry and Admission module enables management To add a student inquiry by enter all the necessary information like academic year, class, parent’s information, previous school and class, admission category and so on.

  • Assign Follow-up

    Our Inquiry and Admission module lets the institute management to assign follow-up for any or all inquiry and can track down the follow-up status efficiently.

  • Search Inquiry Easily

    School management can search any student who has inquired and check their admission status

  • Manage All Required Details

    Institute management need to input all the details regarding child’s previous educational details, family details, physical and mental status during their admission process so the institute can track down the things properly and do the needful.

  • Upload photographs and Documents

    Once the student inquiry is converted into admission, institute management can take instant photographs of the students through webcam along with student’s parent’s photograph, students educational documents and certificates and upload them to the system.

  • Complete view of Student Detail

    Once all the data is entered into the system, school management can get a complete view of the student's admission form with photos and print or export it as needed.

  • Ability to Freeze or Unfreeze

    School Management can freeze or unfreeze students as per your choice to temporarily suspend or resume their admission status.

  • Excellent Reporting Structure

    It is the most important thing for any institute to manage all the records of inquiry and admission efficiently. Campus On Click provides numerous reports for the management which can be downloaded and printed out if required.

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Key Features of Admission Inquiry

Key Features Image
  • Accurate Handling of Inquiry
  • Easy monitoring
  • Well defined follow-up system
  • Easy conversion form inquiry to admission
  • Integrated with fees module
  • Rich reporting structure
  • Centralized view and search option