Late Fees

In today's fast-paced world, parents often find themselves juggling multiple responsibilities and obligations. With so much on their plate, it's not uncommon for them to accidentally overlook important deadlines, such as fee submission for their children's education. While schools make efforts to send reminders, sometimes even multiple reminders may not guarantee timely fee submission. Recognizing this challenge, Campus On Click has introduced a separate category called Late Fees Collection, aiming to streamline the process and ensure that fees are submitted promptly.


  • Flexibility

    Our Late Fees Collection feature allows schools to have the flexibility to decide on the date and time for fee submission, along with determining the late fees amount.

  • Make Parents understand Consequences

    By setting clear guidelines, the school management helps parents understand the consequences of missing the stipulated deadline. This not only instills a sense of accountability but also encourages parents to prioritize fee submission, ensuring that it remains a top priority.

  • Automated System

    Once a parent misses the last date for fee submission, the Late Fees Collection feature comes into play. It automatically generates reminders and notifications, making it virtually impossible for parents to forget or ignore the fee submission date. By implementing this feature, Campus on Click acts as a reliable companion for parents, helping them stay on track with their financial obligations towards their children's education.

  • Streamline Fees Collection Process

    The Late Fees Collection feature not only benefits parents but also assists schools in maintaining a streamlined fee management system. Reduces Administrative Burden - By automating the process, schools can reduce administrative burden and allocate resources effectively. With timely fee submission, schools can ensure a consistent flow of funds, which in turn contributes to the smooth functioning of various academic and extracurricular activities.

  • Cultivate Responsibility

    The Late Fees Collection feature helps cultivate a responsible attitude towards financial commitments. By enforcing the late fees policy, schools teach students and their parents the importance of meeting deadlines and honoring obligations.

late fee manager

Key Features of Late Fees

Key Features Image
  • Completely Automated system
  • Ensures timely fees payment
  • Enhances parents responsibilities
  • Promotes a culture of transparency and efficiency
  • Tracking Fees Payment History
  • Generate and analyse Reports
  • Reliable solution for timely fees submission