Advanced Cheque

Many times school parents wants to pay fees in advance so that they do not have to rush back to school every time when the fees dates are due. Sometimes instead of paying complete fees altogether, parents prefer to give advanced cheque for various fees terms dated as per the fees collection dates. For any institute it is a huge task to manage such advanced cheques till their date of deposit in the bank arrives and also management personals many time forgets to deposit cheques on the date mentioned in advanced cheques. To overcome this issue, Campus On Click has created Advanced cheque module which handles all the related queries and make sure to handle these cheques accurately and efficiently.


  • Timely Reminder of Cheque Deposit

    The process of depositing cheques against student's remaining fees plays a vital role in maintaining the financial stability of educational institutions. Timely cheque deposits help ensure uninterrupted cash flow, which is crucial for meeting operational expenses, faculty salaries, and infrastructure development. Campus On Click sends notification to accounts department to deposit cheques received in advance on time.

  • Deposit cheques against student’s remaining fees

    Once the cheque is deposited, system will generate a proper fees receive notice which will be reflected to parent’s mobile app as well as to account department so the proper cheque amount will de deducted from the proper student’s fees status.

  • Accurate reporting on cheque receive and deposit date

    Once the cheque is uploaded into our system, school management will be able to generate the accurate reports that against which student, which cheque is received. Which is the cheque receive date and on which date it is to be deposited.

  • Generate fees receipt after cheques get cleared

    When the cheque gets cleared by the bank, system will generate an automated fees receipt and that receipt will be reflected into parent’s mobile application.

Advanced Cheque Manage

Key Features of Advanced Cheque

Key Features Image
  • Parents time
  • Educes school management’s trouble for Fees collection
  • Timely reminder to accounts department for deposit of cheque
  • Everyone associated gets informed
  • Reduces management burden
  • Encourages parents accountability
  • Ensures smooth and hassle-free process
  • Excellent reporting structure