Vehicle Tracking

Child safety is a top priority for parents and school management. They want to know when the bus or van will pick up or drop off their child, whether their child has boarded the bus, where the bus is located, and if there is any delay in arrival. Campus on Click provides an excellent vehicle tracking system that is integrated with school ERP software. Our goal is to ensure security and efficiency for our clients. With our mobile app, parents can track the bus's exact position, speed and status in real time. Benefits


  • Child Safety

    GPS vehicle tracking system integrated by Campus On Click ERP can alert school authorities and parents in case of any emergency, such as accidents, breakdowns, or unauthorized stops. It can also help prevent theft, vandalism, or misuse of school buses.

  • Track Vehicle Speed

    Our vehicle tracking system can ensure that drivers follow the traffic rules and speed limits, and avoid risky behaviors such as harsh braking, over-speeding, or sudden turns.

  • Enhanced Efficiency

    Our GPS vehicle tracking system can help school administrators optimize the routes and schedules of school buses, reducing fuel consumption, maintenance costs, and travel time.

  • Mobile App Integration

    Campus On Click’s vehicle tracking system can provide real-time updates on the location and status of school vehicles on their mobile app, as well as notifications on the arrival and departure times of students.

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Key Features of Vehicle Tracking

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  • Easy Integration
  • Accurate Location Mapping
  • Keep watch on vehicle speed.
  • Mobile app Integration
  • Ensures child’s safety