Gate Management

Any education institute regardless of their size and number of buildings need to manage all the incoming and outgoing routes perfectly to make sure that the management, student and staff members are always safe and accounted for. Campus On Click ERP provides a unique gate management module by which institutes can manage all the buildings and all the entry and exit points from one place accurately.


  • Easy to define structure

    Institute can manage entire structure of campus building using our gate management tool and define all the entry and exit points.

  • Integrated with Gate pass module

    Once all the gates are created, their respective rights are allotted to security personals which are integrated with gate pass management. So security personals from various gate can manage their own entry and exit entries effortlessly.

  • Keeps Informed

    The school management, reception personals and principal are always informed about anyone entering or exiting the institute gates. By that way everyone is informed and every visitors are accounted and reported properly.

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Key Features of Gate Management

Key Features Image
  • Enhances Security
  • Saves time identifying visitors
  • Reduces human errors significantly
  • Entire structure is managed effortlessly
  • Accurate reporting