Student Management

In today’s fast-paced world, the management of students in any institute has become more crucial than ever before. Student management encompasses various aspects such as the management of their academic profiles, their fees, and their entire journey in the respective institute until the time they leave. With the advent of technology, institutions have started leveraging digital platforms to streamline and enhance their student management processes. One such platform that has gained immense popularity is Campus On Click. Campus On Click provides an enriched student module integration that empowers teachers, administrators, and principals to keep accurate and up-to-date reports of students’ academic performances, their fees, their family details, and even their transportation information. This comprehensive system ensures that all aspects of student management are efficiently handled, enabling institutes to focus on providing the best possible education and support to their students.


  • Automated / Manual Roll Number Assigning

    The class roll number assigner function allows for the allocation of roll numbers to students in both manual and automatic ways. This feature ensures that each student is assigned a unique roll number for identification purposes.

  • Student / Parent ID Card Generation

    The student ID and Parent ID card generation and issuance feature is versatile, allowing for the creation of individual or collective ID cards in various formats, including horizontal or vertical layouts. This flexibility ensures that the ID cards can be customized to meet the specific needs and preferences of the institution.

  • Search Student Easily

    The advanced search option allows for the search of a particular student using their name or email ID. This powerful search feature provides a convenient way to locate specific students when only limited information is available.

  • Edit Student Details

    Administrators have the ability to edit student details, granting them the authority to update and modify student information as required. This ensures that accurate and up-to-date information is maintained for each student.

  • Student Promotion

    The system supports standard-wise promotion of students, allowing for the smooth transition of students from one grade to another. This automated process ensures that students are promoted to the appropriate grade based on their academic performance.

  • Centralized Database

    All student information is consolidated and presented on a single interactive window, providing a comprehensive overview of each student’s details. This centralized view simplifies access to student information and enhances efficiency in managing student records.

Key Features of Student Management

Key Features Image
  • Easy to manage all student at once
  • Easy student search
  • Access multiple reports accurately
  • Centralized Database
  • Fees module integration
  • Easy to promote
  • Mobile app integration
  • Freeze / Unfreeze Students
  • Student and Family Information at one place.