Food Menu

Many institutes all over the world now follow particular food menu trend which allows the students to receive a healthy food option and leads to healthy and focused mind and body. Campus On Click offered food menu module to serve the purpose. Institute can create daily, weekly or monthly food menu for all the students, specially for the students who are staying into school hostel to follow.


  • Healthy and Nutritious Diet Plan

    Institute can take help of some food and nutrition expert to generate a healthy and nutritious diet plan for the student so that every student receive same food which is healthy for them.

  • Everyone is treated Same

    By creating a good healthy food menu, institute can make sure that all the students are receiving same food either from campus or from home. By that way, the equality feeling entrusted into student’s and parent’s mind.

School ERP Software food menu

Key Features of Food Menu

Key Features Image
  • Same food for everyone
  • Enhances healthy community
  • Encourages equality feelings