Video Conferencing

For school management, video conferencing has become one of the most used and important tool now days. Video conferencing is a technology that allows teachers and students to communicate and collaborate in real time using audio and video. It can be used for various purposes in education. Campus on Click enables school with the video conferencing feature to make an effort for school management, teachers and student’s betterment without using any extra tools or managing any extra software. Video conferencing offered by Campus On Click can play an important role for a school management by providing a flexible, convenient, and effective way to deliver quality education to students and teachers.


  • Saves Time

    Campus On Click enables schools to save time and money by reducing travel expenses and logistical challenges. Schools can deliver online classes and lectures to students who are not physically present in the classroom saving time of students and teachers whenever and wherever it is required.

  • Increases Student/Parent Engagement

    Our video conferencing feature empowers school management in Increasing engagement and interaction among students and teachers by using features like chat, polls, emojis, and raise hand. School management and/or class teachers can Conduct parent-teacher conferences and meetings without the need for travel or scheduling conflicts.

  • Improves Learning Process

    Our video conferencing module is full of advanced features which enables teachers in Improving learning outcomes and retention by using visual and auditory cues, feedback, and reinforcement.

  • Fosters Creativity

    Campus On Click’s Video conferencing module allows expanding the horizons and perspectives of students and teachers by exposing them to diverse cultures, languages, and experiences and fostering creativity and innovation by encouraging students and teachers to use various tools and resources to enhance their learning and teaching.

  • Expert Lecturers

    School management or class teacher can Invite guest speakers and experts from different locations to share their knowledge and insights with the students which enhances presentations and demonstrations by sharing screens, slides, and other multimedia content.

Video Conferencing

Key Features of Video Conferencing

Key Features Image
  • Provides extra help
  • Makes attending classroom easier than ever
  • Encourages students/parents engagement
  • Saves time/cost
  • Encourages participation
  • No one misses lectures
  • Easy to manage
  • Conference recording facility