Sometimes management needs to give various tasks to staff members related any academic or non-academic activity. Now oral conversation of the task can never be tracked and most of the time it is not possible for the management to note every task down and keep record of those. Campus On Click has made this thing easier for the management. With our task module, management can assign any kind of task to related person and keep records of it with just a click.


  • Easy interface

    The user interface of our task module is so easy that even a person with zero technical knowledge can use it easily and effortlessly.

  • Assign date of completion

    The management can assign the date of task and also assign the last date on which it is to be completed. So that the person to whom the task is assigned can keep the deadline in mind and work accordingly.

  • Set priority

    Management can also set priority of the task as Urgent, high, medium or low.

  • Assign followers

    With this facility, the management need not to worry about task completion as from here, management can assign person to take follow-up on the task as well. This feature makes sure that the person whom the task is assigned, does his part efficiently.

task scheduler software

Key Features of Task

Key Features Image
  • Enables management to assign task to anyone easily
  • Helps management to monitor every tasks assigned
  • Helps employees to identify their priorities
  • Ensures tasks are completed in timely manner
  • Accurate reporting for every tasks