Every educational institute do perform numerous activities through the year. The activities include Admission procedures, recruitment process, events, activities, examinations and many more. The best way to showcase those activities are in the form of images and videos. Campus On Click Gallery module serves this purpose effectively and efficiently. We offer our gallery module in which school management, teachers, staff members or admin can upload multiple multimedia files for different purposes and can be showcased to various audiences depends on various criteria.


  • Easy to Create

    The staff member to whom the gallery creation rights are assigned, can create gallery from anywhere and anytime using their mobile app or web portal easily.

  • Right based audience reach

    Not everyone can see everything. There is no need to show one class students the gallery created for another class students. By keeping this in mind, we have made such a module which allows the creator to assign the gallery to particular class group or audience group so only those can access the gallery.

  • Supports Multiple File Types

    The gallery module supports multiple type of image, audio and video files. The creator can also put a direct website link where the video is uploaded like youtube, facebook, Instagram and so on. It saves the space and can be viewed easily.

  • Sends Mobile Notification

    Whenever the creator or editor of the gallery uploads any image or video file into our module, the concerned personal gets notified via their mobile app immediately and can view the gallery.

photo gallery open gallery

Key Features of Gallery

Key Features Image
  • Easy, Interactive and Attractive
  • Supports Wide range of Multimedia Files
  • Supports social media platform integration
  • Always keeps everyone updated