Taking timely test is very much important for any institute to evaluate student’s performance through the year. The test can be daily test, weekly test, subject wise test, unit test or even term examination. All kind of test can be maintained accurately with Campus On Click’s test module. Teacher can enter marks easily using their web/mobile app and even can publish the result with just a single click.


  • Easy Test Creation

    The test creation is very easy using our test module. Teacher can select their subject, chapter and even topic from the list, select test date, maximum and passing marks, and type of test (online or offline),

  • Get parents notified

    Once test is created and published, parents and students gets notification on their mobile app so that they can be informed.

  • Easy mark Entry

    Once evaluation is done (for offline test) teachers can easily enter / update marks from their web/mobile app.

  • Accurate reporting

    Once exam result is published, system automatically generates report for the examination with marks, percentage and rank of all the students appeared in examination.

  • Term evaluation integration

    if teacher wishes, they can integrate the test marks with the term end examination.

  • Result card generation

    Once the design is selected for the result card, teacher just needs to select the test, class and subjects and done. Beautiful and accurate result is generated and can be printed.

online test for Students

Key Features of Test

Key Features Image
  • Test with ease
  • Auto reminder
  • Get prepared in advanced
  • Easy mark entry from mobile app
  • Get result on mobile app
  • Auto calculation for grades and ranks accurately
  • Excellent reports subject/standard/student wise