Campus On Click offers smart SMS integration for school ERP software that allows schools to send SMS messages to parents, students, staff and other stakeholders for various purposes.


  • Improving communication and engagement

    Smart SMS integration by Campus On Click can help schools communicate important information, such as announcements, reminders, alerts, feedback, etc.

  • Enhancing safety and security

    SMS integration offered by Campus On Click can be used to notify parents about their children's attendance and location. SMS messages can also be used to alert parents and staff about emergencies, such as lockdowns, evacuations, accidents, etc. SMS messages can help schools respond quickly and effectively to any situation.

  • Saving time and money

    SMS integration can help schools save time and money by reducing the need for paper-based communication, such as letters, flyers, newsletters, etc. SMS messages are cheaper than other forms of communication, such as phone calls or emails.

  • Enhance functionality

    Campus On Click’s smart SMS integration is a valuable feature that can enhance the functionality and performance of school management software. SMS integration can help schools improve their communication, safety, security, efficiency and productivity.

  • Timely Status Updates

    Campus On Click’s smart SMS integration can help school management to send and update on their admission inquiry, job application status, pending or paid fees status and many more.

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Key Features of SMS

school and college management software
  • Status update
  • Automated, Accurate and Smart
  • Automated Fees reminder
  • Integrated with Student attendance
  • Holidays and events updates
  • OTP for mobile app login
  • Emergency messages