Finance Book

Campus On Click ERP provides educational Institutions the insights into financial management specifically tailored for them. It covers budgeting, financial reporting, fund management, and compliance with accounting standards. For single or multiple institutes altogether from a single page easily and effortlessly. We offer a specially designed financial book module with the help of which the top management can manage multiple financial accounts, bank accounts for one or multiple institutes and its departments.


  • One page serves all needs

    Our carefully developed financial book module lets the top management access all required financial accounts for single or multiple institutes from one page only. That requires almost zero technical skills so the top management will never have to manage multiple books for the purpose anymore.

  • Safe and secure access

    our financial book is extremely safe and secure and follow highest rights to access the feature. That simply means that no other person than the top management can access these financial books.

  • Excellent Reporting

    The top management can generate numerous of financial reports including all income, expense and bank account with ease. If they wish, they can download those and even print those easily.

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Key Features of Finance Book

Key Features Image
  • Role base secure access
  • Secure and scalable
  • Easy and user-friendly interface
  • Mobile app integration
  • Detailed and accurate reports
  • Monitor multiple accounts altogether