Fees Adjustment

Many times school management faces the issues of adjustment of student fees in various ways. Sometimes parents have paid fees in advance but admission of their ward is to be cancelled due to one or another reason, sometimes fees is paid for one medium but then the child is shifted to another medium and sometimes one child’s fees is to be adjusted for another child of the same parent. By keeping these things in mind, Campus On Click has developed Fees Adjustment module using which school management can adjust and/or return student fees by various means.


  • Enables management to take control

    Our fees adjustment module gives total control to school management about how much and which way the fees of child is to be adjusted.

  • Enhances Satisfaction of Parents

    Parents need their child’s fees to be adjusted but not always in form of fees refund. It can be adjusted my many different ways. Our software provides power to school management to adjust child’s fees by many different ways possible and by doing so management ensures that the parents are satisfied.

  • Keeps Informed

    Once the fees adjustment is initiated, all the concern personals are informed automatically via their web/mobile app. So everyone is well informed and kept in loop.

Fees Adjustment

Key Features of Fees Adjustment

Key Features Image
  • Ensures satisfaction
  • Provides multiple ways for adjustment
  • Everyone is updated