Fees Management

In the present day scenario, managing fee details of students at institutes has become a crucial aspect. With education becoming a valuable resource, parents are now heavily investing in it to secure their child’s future. Recognizing this, institutes have introduced various payment methods for parents to conveniently pay fees. To ensure efficient management of these payments, Campus On Click Fee Management System offers a comprehensive solution.


  • Dynamic Fees Categories

    One of the key features of this system is its ability to handle a dynamic number of fee categories. This means that institutes can easily manage different types of fees, such as tuition fees, transportation fees, or activity fees, in a convenient and organized manner.

  • Advanced Cheque Collection

    Additionally, this module also offers advanced cheque collection options, as well as the ability to cancel the advanced cheque or deposition of the cheque on given date This ensures that institutes can handle any changes or adjustments in fees without any hassle. Moreover, the system provides options for fee collection based on different parameters which allows institutes to streamline their fee collection process based on their specific needs and requirements.

  • Overcomes Human Errors and Saves Time

    The main advantage of this module is that the accuracy and ease of fees collection reaches to the next level and saves a lot of time required for the operation. Fee management is an arduous task involving a lot of variables. Having software in place to take care of it makes it simpler and more efficient.

  • Easy Categorization

    There are different fee categories available to students on the basis of admission type, medium, standard, social category, concession given, staff concession, and so on. Keeping tabs on each category, assigning different fee structures to students belonging to those categories, and maintaining records of each student becomes several times easier because of the fee management module by Campus On Click.

  • Fees reminder

    Our automated fees reminder facility sends notification prior to the date of fees submission as set by the management. The Fee Management module sends reminders. The reminders will be sent at a fixed date and time as desired by the school management to ensure due payment of fees on time.

  • Late Fees Collection

    Campus On Click also provides a separate category called Late Fees. Sometimes parents are so busy paying fees on time that even many reminders can not ensure timely fees submission. To overcome this, we provide late fees collection. The date and time can be decided by the school management along with late fees amount per day or as a particular amount. Once parent misses the last date given for fees submission, this feature ensures to collect late fees so next time parents do not forget / ignores the fees submission date and fees reminder.

  • Customizable Fees Reports

    Campus On Click provides numerous reports for the management regarding fees collection. Reports can be generated per class, per month, per quarter, per term or per year as per the requirement by the school management. The management can generate remaining fees reports, received fees reports, cheque reports, cash reports, bank reports and many more as per their wish.

fees management system

Key Features of Fees Management

Key Features Image
  • Easy, safe and Secure
  • Excellent and accurate reports
  • Online or offline fees collection
  • Saves time
  • Enhances accuracy
  • Automated reminder system