Student counselling is a process of providing guidance and support to students who are facing academic, personal, or emotional challenges. It is a service that teachers can offer to their students to help them cope with stress, anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, relationship issues, learning difficulties, or other problems that may affect their well-being and performance in school. Student counselling can be useful for teachers in several ways.


  • Understand Problems

    With the help of student / parent counselling teacher and/or management can come to know about the problems student is facing. Whether it is an academics related problem, personal problem and or emotional problem. To understand the problem is very much necessary as it will reflect on student’s overall performance. Campus On Click has created this module to identify and evaluate the cause of any problem student/parent is facing and to keep the record of it in such a way that it be available whenever required.

  • Keep track on student’s performance

    with the help of Campus On Click counselling module, teacher can keep the watch on student’s previous issues as well as current issues if he/she is facing and also analyze the level of help is required from staff / management’s side.

  • Make student perform better

    It is a good practice for the teacher and school management to keep their students healthy academically, emotionally and socially. With the help of this module, we can identify underling problems any student facing and we can help them out so they do overcome the issues and perform better for their bright future.

  • Provides satisfaction to student and parents

    Many schools do conduct various types of counselling programs through the year to make student perform better and make better choice for their future. With our counselling module parents can track observe their child’s counselling records easily. They can track the level of help institute is providing and by doing so, institute can provide satisfaction to parents and students.

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Key Features of Counselling

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  • Helps understanding student better
  • Helps student to grow
  • Promotes happy environment among students and parents
  • Promotes satisfaction
  • Enhances student’s performance
  • Helps management making future decisions
  • Enables better communication