School management needs to display any special achievement they have gained as well as appreciate staff member’s or student’s achievement too. This things play very crucial role in school’s image as well as staff, student and parent’s satisfaction. Campus on Click provides this unique feature to showcase / acknowledge any achievement by school management, Student or Staff. Campus On Click's ERP is more than just a software. It is a partner that helps you to showcase your school's achievement, acknowledge your staff and student's achievement, and ensure your satisfaction.


  • Showcase school’s achievement

    Campus On Click's ERP is a powerful tool that helps schools to showcase their achievements and acknowledge the contributions of their staff and students. Whether it is academic excellence, extracurricular activities, social responsibility, or innovation, Campus On Click's ERP can help you to highlight the best aspects of your school and create a positive image among your stakeholders.

  • Acknowledge Staff / Student’s achievement

    With Campus On Click's ERP, you can easily create and share reports, newsletters, certificates, awards, and other documents that showcase your school's achievements. You can also use the ERP to track and monitor the performance and progress of your staff and students, and provide them with timely feedback and recognition. By acknowledging their achievements, you can motivate them to work harder and achieve more.

  • Ensure satisfaction

    Campus On Click's ERP is designed to ensure your satisfaction by providing you with a user-friendly interface, a secure and reliable platform, and a responsive and helpful support team. You can customize the ERP according to your needs and preferences, and integrate it with other systems and applications. You can also access the ERP from any device and location, and enjoy its features and benefits.

Key Features of Achievement

achievement test
  • Easy user interface
  • Quickly get noticed
  • Instant mobile notification
  • Showcase any achievement easily.