Fees Concession

Many school or educational institutes gives various kind of concessions to various students based on their family background, social status, financial status and so on. Campus On Click has designed such a concession module which fulfills all the needs of school management regarding concession given.


  • Concession by group

    Sometimes it is important to give concession to a particular group of students equally. Campus On Click empowers management to generate concession percentage or amount applied for fixed group to serve the purpose.

  • Follows various concession methods

    School management can follow various concession methods such as if they want to give concession to some particular group of student in percentage, they can set it. If management wishes to give concession in a fixed amount, they can set it. Even if the school management wants to give complete fees relaxation, they can set those too. This ensures a proper and accurate concession is given to a particular student or a group of students.

concession stand software

Key Features of Fees Concession

Key Features Image
  • Concession Reports
  • Unlimited Modification in Concession
  • Complete exemption reporting