Feedback is an essential component for the improvement and growth of any institute. It provides valuable insights into the effectiveness of the institution’s functionality and enables the management to make necessary changes and improvements. To ensure the receipt of proper feedback, it is crucial for the management to establish channels through which students, parents, and staff members can easily provide their input. In conclusion, feedback plays a crucial role in improving the functionality of any institute. By establishing channels for students, parents, and staff members to provide feedback, the management can gather valuable insights and make necessary changes to enhance the learning experience. The implementation of a mobile application allows parents and students to conveniently send their feedback and queries, while also enabling the management to monitor and track the feedback received. This collaborative approach fosters open communication, promotes a positive learning environment, and ensures that the institute remains responsive to the needs and concerns of its stakeholders.


  • Easy Feedback through mobile app

    One of the most convenient ways for parents and students to send feedback is through a mobile application. By implementing a mobile application specifically designed for the institute, parents and students can easily send their feedback directly to the school management. This not only saves time but also ensures that the feedback reaches the intended recipients promptly.

  • Students can send their query easily

    Additionally, students can also utilize the mobile application to send their queries directly to their teachers or the principal. This feature promotes open communication between students and faculty members, allowing students to seek clarification or express any concerns they may have.

  • Easy feedback / query tracking by Management

    Furthermore, the management can access all the queries and feedback received through the mobile application. This centralized system allows them to easily monitor and track the feedback provided by students and parents. Additionally, the management can also view any remarks or comments made by teachers regarding the feedback received

  • Take necessary action when required

    By having access to all the feedback and remarks from teachers, the management can take necessary actions to address any issues or concerns raised. They can initiate discussions with the teachers to gain further insights, brainstorm potential solutions, and implement appropriate measures.

  • Recognized achievements of Staff

    Moreover, the availability of feedback and remarks from teachers allows the management to recognize and appreciate the efforts of the faculty members. It provides an opportunity to acknowledge and reward teachers who consistently receive positive feedback from students and parents.

feedback for teachers from students feedback for teachers

Key Features of Feedback

Key Features Image
  • Time saving
  • Ensures feedback is sent to proper person
  • Enhances Transparency
  • Forter positive and supportive environment
  • Easy and Accurate Tracking on Feedback & Queries
  • Promotes Improvement
  • Motivates staff, students and parents