Result Generation

Campus On Click result module offers an interactive and customizable result generation module directly associated with the test and examination module. This groundbreaking feature empowers institute management to effortlessly generate results tailored to their specific requirements, making result management more efficient and effective than ever before.


  • Customizable Result Generation

    Campus On Click's result generation module provides institute management with the flexibility to generate results in various ways. Whether it's class-wise, subject-wise, examination-wise, term-wise, or annual results, the platform allows administrators to adapt the system to their desired parameters.

  • Effortless Management

    With Campus On Click, the process of result management becomes automated and hassle-free. Institute management/teachers can effortlessly input the necessary data into the system, and within moments, the results are generated. This eliminates the potential for human error and significantly reduces the time and effort traditionally required for result management.

  • Interactive Result Generation

    Campus On Click's result generation module goes beyond simple calculation and compilation. It offers an interactive interface that allows administrators to delve deeper into the results. Our interactive result module enhances the decision-making process, helping institutes continually improve their academic standards.

  • Seamless Integration

    The result generation module is seamlessly integrated with the Campus on Click test and exam module ensuring a unified and efficient experience for institute management. It eliminates the need for multiple software or manual record-keeping, as all data is securely stored within the platform.

  • Enhanced Transparency

    Campus On Click's result generation module promotes transparency between the institute and its Students and parents. Students and parents can access their results online, eliminating the need for physical result sheets and reducing administrative burden.

result generation

Key Features of Result Generation

  • Readily customizable
  • Automated process and calculations
  • Preview and edit instantly
  • Enables absolute flexibility
  • Download report cards at once
  • Subject wise / class wise / student wise tracking
  • Automated generated analytical reports