Class Work

Campus On Click's Class Work module is a comprehensive tool that allows you to manage all aspects of class work and assignments for your classes. You can easily create, assign, track and evaluate Class work and assignment tasks using the intuitive interface and features of the module. You can also customize the Classwork settings, such as deadlines, grading criteria, remark options and more. The classwork module helps you to monitor the progress and performance of your students, as well as to communicate with them effectively. With Campus On Click's class module, you can enhance the learning outcomes and engagement of your students.


  • Keeps Parents in the Loop

    With Campus On Click mobile app, parents are also in the loop regarding classwork. Notifications are routinely sent to parents regarding the start date/time, end date/time, submission status, and publishing of results. This allows parents to be informed of their child’s efficiency.

  • Assigning classwork Across All Classes

    Classwork across different grades and class is quite broad and varied. Campus on click has created the perfect solution in the form of the Classwork Module. Teachers will be able to assign classwork of all types across classes in the form that is appropriate for that class. This classwork can be graded or ungraded, and can be work that requires submission or not, depending on the need of the teacher.

  • Evaluate Offline & Online classwork

    The teacher has the option to assign due dates and time for the classwork submission. This can be done online or offline.

  • Assign deadline for classwork completion

    Teachers can assign deadline for the homework submission and it will also notify parents whether the child has submitted the classwork on time or not. This will ensure that the child is engaged in academic activities given off the campus properly or not.

  • Subject wise / standard wise classwork assigning

    Subject teacher as well as class teachers do have right to assign Classwork either to entire class or to some particular student group depending on their needs.

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Key Features of Class Work

Key Features Image
  • Multiple file support
  • Graded and ungraded classwork
  • Offline or online classwork submission
  • Teacher’s remark
  • Keep parents in loop
  • Can be reflected into internal assessment marks / grades.